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We will assist you in maintaining HR's Regulatory Compliance

As experienced professionals, young, dynamic and high level human resource consultancy that is committed to performance, quality works and fruitful results. In today's highly competitive scenario it is actually very difficult to carve a niche for someone and keep competition way behind. Our key to success is our ability to provide the very best in personalized customer service.

With years of rich experience and a credibility to back up, respected industry experts who possess years of valuable knowledge. Providing human resource consultancy in Bangalore as well as the state of Karnataka.We understand and realize the need as well as importance of a dedicated and diligent manpower. We are well versed with rules and regulations of the state of Karnataka pertaining to Human Resource requirements for establishments.

Admn Assist(admin assist) provides a wide-range of innovative solutions to meet all of your business needs:

customers rely on us Software

Our customers rely on us when they are not having the skillset, software and computing resources required to provide reliable and quality HR related services.

cutting edge technology solutions Training

We have invested in cutting-edge software, trained our professionals and keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations


localized solutions

MNC - Solutions

AdmnAssist provides localized solutions relating to the needs of Multi-National Companies (MNC's) operating within the state of Karnataka


customized solutions HR Regulations - Interpretation
AdmnAssist advises clients on their HR obligations. We answer all questions relating to their specific situation - the experience with wide range of cases gives us the confidence in interpretation of rules.
actively consultants Negotiate Settlements
Frequently AdmnAssist will help negotiate settlements with specific departments in case of fines and disputes.
HR consultnats bangalore Liaison
AdmnAssist actively consults with the officials in the government departments responsible for enforcement of the various HR related Acts. We frequently liaison with them and help our clients to be on the right side of the law.
Helping to negotiate 24 hr Support line
AdmnAssist - A low-cost 24 hour support line for those organisations who need HR expertise but cannot justify the cost of employing a senior HR professional

Do you know how to maintain records relating to HR rules & regulations as per companies act ? Please see our menu of services on the right.

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