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Manpower Outsourcing (Contract Labour Outsourcing)

Organizational need for manpower varies over any period of time, by experience (junior/senior), by skill level, by seasons, by business cycle, etc. AdmnAssist helps you to augment an optimum permanent manpower for your variable staffing needs.

AdmnAssist Manpower Outsourcing to clients in Karnataka has successfully met the objective of maintaining a skilled and stable workforce.

Manpower Solution Features:
compliant workforce Compliant Workforce

AdmnAssist has obtained a license under Labour Department, Govt. of Karnataka and registered under all statutory authorities such as EPF, ESI, Professional Tax, Service Tax and Income Tax.

s&D Selection and Deployment

The contract employees will be rigorously tested prior to being selected. They will then undergo exhaustive training and orientation for team work, innovation, ethics and knowledge sharing.

continous learning Continuous Learning

AdmnAssist imparts necessary training regularly for augmenting their skill and knowledge.

work ethics Work Ethics

AdmnAssist will be responsible for the contract employees in maintaining discipline, good behaviour and workmanship while engaged by clients.

Expertise Expertise

We have developed the manpower skillsets for wide range of industry sectors such as Corporate Offices, Manufacturing Industries, Engineering Industries and Process Industries.

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