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Payroll Outsourcing

AdmnAssist will assist you in your Payroll processing needs. Reliable and trained Resources from AdmnAssist shall undertake this laborious process meticulously as per your needs. We have several satisfied customers who use our services and expertise regularly and take advantage of our rich experience in Payroll administration within various industrial sectors. As you are probably aware, the Payroll outsourcing processing comprises of several coordinated activities such as:

-Employee Categorization
-Customisation of Grades & Salary Structuring
-Payroll Processing
-Generation of Salary Statements, Pay Slips
-Updating Leave Register
-Preparation of PF/ESI/Professional Tax Challans
-Preparation of PF returns (Monthly/Yearly)
-Preparation of ESI Half yearly returns
-TDS reports
-Bank reports

We have an efficient and suitable software system to take up the above assignments both in the SME sector as well as in the Large Scale Enterprises.


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